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The Story Behind Sarabi

About Sarabi

Sarabi is a company based in Belgium. It is founded by a young entrepreneur, Lindeke Margo Cloots, who had a vision for a new way of looking at skincare. She studies 'Business Science and Economics' at the University of Antwerp. On September 01, 2021, she founded Sarabi out of her passion for entrepreneurship and skincare. She is now making her dream a reality.



Our mission is to be a simple, minimalist skincare brand made cruelty free and with natural ingredients for all genders. Since we feel like the skincare market is very overwhelming and focused on one specific gender. Therefore we use products that come out in steps as well as in neutral colors.


Our vision is to ensure in a sustainable way that people put their mental health first. Something that is often forgotten in our busy society. 

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